Why managing LTE remotely just makes sense

Why managing LTE remotely just makes sense

Whether it’s for failover or a main connection, 5G/LTE is a great choice for businesses that are in remote areas with poor connectivity options, or those that need to be mobile – and it makes sense to manage 4G and 5G connections remotely, as Patrick Hirscher, EMEA Wireless Market Development Manager at Zyxel, explains.

Now that flexible working is absolutely the norm, dependency on connectivity has become even greater. User expectations are higher as well. We all expect to be able to connect anywhere and everywhere.

These two factors are making Zyxel’s 5G/LTE routers extremely popular. Zyxel has mobile routers for indoor and outdoor use, and they are ideal for use as failover devices i.e. to provide a second option when the main fixed line connection goes down; and as the primary connection in areas where only slow or even no broadband coverage is available, or quick-to-deploy mobility is required.

Now that 5G coverage is more widespread, we are seeing more customers use this 5G/LTE technology for their main connection. For businesses that operate partially or mostly outdoors, such as cafés and bars, and for those who need the flexibility to operate from almost anywhere, such as construction firms, equipment installers or even IT integrators, it is ideal as well.

Easy connectivity

Another reason Zyxel’s 5G/LTE solutions are such a popular choice is that they can be monitored and controlled remotely through our Nebula cloud platform. We have been providing Nebula support for our 5G/LTE devices since the start of 2022, and we recently introduced some updates to make management of LTE via Nebula even better.

This is important since, in almost every situation now, customers want their 5G/LTE device to be managed remotely. Smaller businesses will tend to place the responsibility for their networks in the hands of a specialist managed services provider. Businesses that use 5G / LTE as their primary connection, or to give mobile teams fast, easy connectivity, will do the same. If not an MSP, device management is likely to be put in the hands of a network administrator working in a central IT department or, of course, at home.

Either way, the best way to manage 5G/LTE devices is from a distance. That way there is no need to physically visit the site to diagnose and fix any problems. This is faster and reduces costs for everyone. It just makes sense. Also, 5G/LTE routers are often located in places that are difficult to reach anyway – such as high on a wall or on top of a specially-erected pole, so accessing them can be tricky. It would always be better to use remote access in such cases – even when you are on-site.

Smooth and streamlined

The recent updates we have made to both Nebula and to the firmware in our 5G/LTE devices, provides even faster, smoother and more streamlined connectivity and remote management capability.

If you like the idea of a remotely-managed 5G/LTE solution, Zyxel has an excellent range of options. You can choose from the LTE3301 – an affordable, indoor 4G router and an excellent choice for backup or main connections; and the NR5101 (indoor), or NR7101 (outdoor) 5G devices, for even faster performance.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in contact with your local Zyxel office or trusted partner.

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