Network Security

Why network security needs to be truly effective – but simple at the same time

Most small business owners and managers are probably bored of hearing scare stories about cybersecurity and the damage it can do to their business. After a while, those stories all start to sound the same. Of course, it’s obviously important to prevent viruses and hackers infiltrating your network and to protect identities. But what SMBs really want to do is get on with their work and not have to worry about digital security.

This is why we believe it’s really important to make protecting the network as simple as possible and it’s why we’ve been developing a new range of unified security gateways that provide all the protection that small businesses need, without the complexity. By deploying one of our firewall appliances at the bridge between your network and the internet, you can safeguard against threats such as viruses and ID theft, repel spam emails and apply simple rules that will govern what sort of content can be sent across the connection.

We’ll be rolling out the new USG range throughout 2024, starting with the launch of the new USG LITE 60AX this summer. We’re quite excited about the arrival of these new security products, as we believe they will give our small business customers exactly what they need – solid security without the complexity at an affordable price.

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