WiFi 7

Why setting up security from the outset is vital with WiFi

This year a lot of customers will upgrade their wireless networks to WiFi 6/6E or WiFi 7. Those upgrades are badly needed and we’ll be encouraging customers to make that commitment. However, security must be a consideration as well and it needs to be in place and working from the moment you connect.

The challenge here for many customers is that security is complex and it’s not easy to work out exactly how to set up the different options that are available when you configure a new access point. This has been the case for some time and it’s the reason we came up with Connect and Protect (CNP) – a simple way to auto-configure security settings on new devices.

Turning on CNP when you set up your new access point will give you robust protection against cyberthreats. It turns on specific functions, such as reputation and website filtering to ensure that – right from the start – WiFi users have a high level of protection that you and they can trust. By doing this, we save you the time and worry of trying to adjust settings when you first install the new access point. You can provide access to visitors and guests knowing that their privacy and safety is assured.

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