Zyxel launches ‘Connect and Protect’ WiFi security solution for small businesses

Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 1, 2022—Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure and cloud-powered networking solutions, announces the launch of its ‘Connect and Protect’ solution for select WiFi Access Points. The enhanced security solution will be introduced in November to two of Zyxel’s best-selling WiFi APs, the NWA110AX and NWA1123ACv3 , providing small businesses and customers with greater protection and connectivity.

The ‘Connect and Protect’ solution provides an added level of security for small businesses by filtering out any unsafe web content and preventing users from accessing dangerous websites. As an added level of protection for both businesses and customers, it ensures that logged-on users cannot access the data streams of others, preventing malicious actors from spying on or stealing the information of other users.

Perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses, ‘Connect and Protect’ provides a high level of protection against cyber threats without the hassle of setting up complex security settings. All security is pre-defined, and the configuration and operation of devices can be managed remotely through Zyxel’s Nebula cloud platform or via a simple mobile app.

The ‘Connect and Protect’ solution will initially be launched on Zyxel’s two best-selling WiFi APs for small businesses, the NWA110AX and NWA1123ACv3.

The NWA110AX provides customers with the latest WiFi 6 technology, ensuring high-speed connections, coverage and the capability to connect even more devices. It is a perfect choice for small cafés, bars, restaurants and other places that have guests signing onto their wireless network throughout the day. Administrators also have the ability to manage bandwidth on the NWA110AX, so important applications and services, such as payment systems, can be prioritized.

“Small businesses like B&Bs or small coffee shops want good protection for their wireless network, and they need it to be as simple and affordable as possible, commented Kell Lin, Senior Associate Vice President at Zyxel Networking SBU. “By making ‘Connect and Protect’ available on Wireless Access Points tailored for small businesses, customers can leverage Zyxel’s extensive range of security features, but without the complexity often associated with setting up network security. Simple setup, speed and smooth connectivity for all users connected to WiFi, along with solid, reliable protection from threats ensures our customers will get a perfect balance.”

‘Connect and Protect’ will be available on NWA110AX and NWA1123ACv3 from November 2022 as a bundled service. It is also available in two license options, CNP and CNP Plus, for other Access Points in the range that supports the service.

For more information, please visit: https://il.zyxel.com/global/en/products/endpoint-and-connectivity/ap-security-service-connect-and-protect

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