AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System

Multy X

WiFi Without Boundaries

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Now featuring daisy chain capability for additional WiFi coverage, enhanced parental controls to fine tune your kid's online experience, and more speed test options allowing you to check your Internet performance; find out why many reviewers awarded us with recommendations!

Home + WiFi = Multy

Suffering from poor wireless connectivity at home with your old router? Multy eliminates the frustration by providing a powerful wireless network with wider coverage and stronger signal strength.

More complete coverage—to all size homes

Whether your home is large or small, Multy provides more wireless coverage—for better connections.
What size home do you have? Discover what Multy can do for you.

The Wrights

"Guests constantly compliments our guest housings' WiFi connection, allowing them to do work or relax with their favorite online entertainment!"

The Morgans

"We love it when we host for our families and friends. Knowing that we have a strong WiFi connection for everyone, we feel assure that they're connected reliably no matter where they are in our home!"

The Harrises

"We have a large family, and Multy has given us excellent internet connection throughout the entire home. Even our dog’s smart feeder is working reliably, making our dog happier than ever!"

The Swansons

"Our family lives and breathes on internet. Without it, there’s chaos. Thanks to Multy, we can now stay connected and keep our sanity when the kids demand the internet!"

The Fishers

"We love that we can control our daughter and son’s online time with Alexa and Multy. It's very convenient, and allows us to manage how much time she spends online! We’re thrilled that it covers our entire home with stable internet connection."

The Romanos

"We recently moved into our new home, and, because our professions require uninterrupted online access, we needed uninterrupted connectivity. Thanks to Multy, we now have reliable internet connection and solid wireless coverage throughout our home, which keeps us productive!"

Exceptional WiFi coverage in all corners of your home

Traditional wireless range extenders may give you extra coverage—but often sacrifice up to half of your wireless performance. The Multy WiFi system can cover up to 7,500 square feet (696 m2), enabling expansive wireless coverage without compromising performance.

Multy X

Provides 100%, full-strength WiFi—without degradation

Traditional WiFi Extenders

Often shows speed degradation the farther you extend

More Coverage. More Speed.

Multy provides one of the best wireless networking experiences—in both speed and coverage. Powered with a Tri-Band wireless system, Multy delivers maximum wireless speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection (between nodes), and broadcasts with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi network.

Multy X
WiFi System

Traditional Router
with Extender

Multy X, AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System

Hassle-free installation, plus easy management