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Welcome to ZyXEL Press Room In this area you can browse the latest announcements, events and more from ZyXEL and our worldwide subsidiaries.

Olympic ‘Sweet’ Dreams

Huge opportunities for resellers to help hoteliers gain the competitive edge

June 03, 2011

According to some estimates up to some 350,000 plus tourists will visit the UK each day during the Olympics next year. As well as looking for comfortable and convenient accommodation in the areas surrounding the main Olympic venues (London, Manchester, Weymouth and Cardiff) many of these visitors will also be looking for a venue which will enable them to satisfy their desire for digital content and news, in other words they will want connectivity to the Internet. 

For many hoteliers, providing and managing Internet access can be a painful exercise but increasingly it is a facility that ranks very highly when choosing a location to stay at. So for resellers, going out with a targeted and focused solution could be exactly what the hospitality sector is looking for to fulfil this demand. Still not convinced of the hospitality opportunity? Well beyond the immediate Olympic requirement, it is estimated that between 2010-2015 some 40,000 new rooms are planned to come on stream as demand grows for ‘holidaying at home’ and holidays abroad look more expensive. 

From a reseller’s perspective, there are two main sub-sector opportunities a) the retrofit, either replacing existing dysfunctional equipment or deploying into an existing building for the first time and b) the green-field,new build site. For both solutions the reseller must ensure that ‘best advice’ is paramount. What might seem the quickest and most cost effective solution could end up being redundant within a short few months. Leaving aside the venue’s decision of whether to charge for access or not, guests are showing an incredible appetite for streamed content over the Internet with some figures suggesting that earlier last year the average amount of data streamed by a guest in every 24 hours was 100MB, and today that figure is more like 230MB. This trend shows no sign of stalling so equipment installations need to provide for the now and have a clear path to grow as the demand increases. 

We have put together a solution finder here for resellers, which will help identify the right hospitality solution for their customers. We have some further information depending on the size of customer available here

The opportunity for resellers is to capitalise on the demand by hoteliers to support the Olympics and the organic growth of holidaying in the UK is clear. Knowledge of the issues surrounding current and future capacity requirements as well as being considerate to the open or charged for (Internet Access) model will help customers make informed decisions. 

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