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Welcome to ZyXEL Press Room In this area you can browse the latest announcements, events and more from ZyXEL and our worldwide subsidiaries.

Digital Economy Act: Wifi ‘grazing’ could increase, ZyXEL Advises Consumers

ZyXEL offers expert tips to ensure your Wi-Fi connection is secure

November 08, 2010

ZyXEL Communications UK, the world’s leading broadband access solutions provider today warned consumers to check their Wi-Fi security settings to protect themselves against Internet connection ‘grazers’. Grazers trawl residential areas looking for insecure Wi-Fi connections so that they can access the Internet to download content, some of which can be illegal. This could land the owner of the connection in trouble with Ofcom and the copyright owner and in the worst-case scenario, could result in a fine of between £5k -£50k. 
Many consumers remain blissfully unaware that their network is vulnerable to grazers or the innocent connection to their network by a neighbour and that the Digital Economy Act (DEA) enables Ofcom to enforce a code of practice (to be ratified in January 2011) which could lead to prosecution and a steep fine.
ZyXEL offers the following advice to consumers who maybe worried that their Wi-Fi connection is vulnerable:
  1.Ensure you enable Wi-Fi security on your wireless router.
  2.Choose a router that has WPA2 or WPA security, older WEP security is not secure and is easily hacked.
  3.Preferably, choose a device with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), this takes the headache out of setting up security
     by enabling it to be done at the press of a button
  4.For additional security you can hide your SSID, this prevents potential grazers from seeing your Wi-Fi network.

ZyXEL’s product manager, James Harris said, “While we don’t want to worry consumers we do want to raise awareness of what could be a very serious issue. If your home Wi-Fi connection is compromised then grazers could be downloading illegal content. If consumers follow our advice the potential of being prosecuted could be reduced.”

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