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Welcome to ZyXEL Press Room In this area you can browse the latest announcements, events and more from ZyXEL and our worldwide subsidiaries.

ZyXEL: Managed Offices Are Network Opportunity for Resellers

Flexible Working Space Boom Puts Strain On Network

August 25, 2011

ZyXEL Communications UK, is urging UK resellers to take a hard look at the opportunties to fortify and up/cross sell network infrastructure to the growing Managed and Serviced Office sector.

With interest in Managed Offices across the UK at an all time high (according to research by, interest in Serviced Office space was up 20% in Q2 compared to last year) independent owners, and to a larger extent the multi-site operators, are all looking at their network infrastructure needs as the demand for bandwidth sky rockets.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well the increased usage of video websites including YouTube and VoIP, mean that huge amounts of data are being consumed by tenants. The network needs to step up to these demands and be able to handle spikes in traffic to ensure that all tenants are able to access the network when they need to. The ability to assign and intelligently manage traffic across the network is key if Managed Offices are to provide a worthy level of service.

One Managed Office which has benefited from a reseller overhaul to its Internet service is The Crown Estate. With an Accurro installed ZyXEL solution, The Crown Estate is now in the enviable position of providing a first-class, guaranteed-bandwidth synchronous Internet service. The businesses within The Crown Estate office building can now decide upon their Internet package based on minimum guaranteed bandwidth starting at ½ Mb and going up to 5Mb, allowing for flexibility of choice for even the most bandwidth hungry of organisations. In addition, the solution complies with the government’s Digital Economy Act and the requirement to log Internet access when provided as a service.