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Welcome to ZyXEL Press Room In this area you can browse the latest announcements, events and more from ZyXEL and our worldwide subsidiaries.

ZyXEL extends wireless range with new dual-band 802.11ac IADs with VDSL2 vectoring support

Comprehensive support for emerging 802.11ac standard enables ISPs to meet all customer needs, from simple connectivity to advanced fibre connections supporting multiple IP streams

November 12, 2013

ZyXEL Communications, one of the leading providers of CPE equipment to the broadband industry, has announced the availability of its new high-end integrated access device (IAD), which comes with support for both VDSL2 vectoring and dual-band 802.11ac/n wireless.

The new VMG8924-B10A becomes the new flagship of ZyXEL’s broad range of IADs and makes the company even better-placed to equip service providers with connectivity solutions that will meet the needs of all customers. It gives ISPs the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the broadband market by offering subscribers extended 802.11ac connectivity capabilities.

ZyXEL has already developed specific 802.11ac solutions for service providers in Europe and is the number-two provider of VDSL equipment worldwide*1. This latest addition to its range will further strengthen the company’s position.

With the use of IP-based television and video services, interactive gaming and VoIP growing fast, and more devices being connected to WiFi in the home, service providers need to be able to offer the very highest performance and flexibility. The VMG8924-B10A is designed to meet these requirements and take full advantage of VDSL2 vectoring when ISPs make this option available.

James Harris, European Market Development Manager, Service Provider Solutions at ZyXEL, says “The VMG8924-B10A enables service providers to meet customers’ current demands for improved performance and more extensive and adaptable wireless coverage, with 802.11ac technology at the 5 GHz frequency providing smooth, optimized support for HD IPTV services, while 802.11n at 2.4 GHz can be used to provide coverage right across the household.  In addition, with support for VDSL2 vectoring, this advanced IAD provides excellent future-proofing for both the ISP and end-user customers.”

With nationwide fibre-optic networks now being rolled out in a several European countries, service providers are starting to implement vectoring solutions that enable them to offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps. Vectoring also means ISPs can extend availability of higher-speed services to more customers and offer a more consistent range of broadband speeds across FTTC and FTTN connections.

Harris states: “Major operators are moving towards 802.11ac as their preferred option now, so being able to offer fast and flexible coverage over an extended area for more users is really important now.  Additionally, VDSL2 vectoring is gathering pace and service providers that bring this option to market early will gain a distinct competitive advantage. We are already working with a number of ISPs in various countries on vectoring solutions and we expect the momentum to build rapidly. ISPs that are not already looking at VDSL2 vectoring need to make a start right away.”

In addition to the VMG8924-B10A, ZyXEL offers a full range of VDSL2 solutions, including the entry-level VMG1312 VDSL2 Gateway, which enables ISPs to provide a low-cost VDSL option that will help them to retain customers and offer increased levels of service and future-proofing, and the VMG4325, which offers extended 802.11n connectivity and support for VDSL2 bonding, allowing service providers to deliver even more options to their customers.