Abuzz of Australia delivers digital kiosk services

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Accomplishing the high-performing network connection

“With ZyXEL’s network solutions, we are able to enable our service-intensified kiosks to successfully and timely deliver abundant interactive digital services for higher customer satisfaction,”

Paul Pettersen, General Manager, Abuzz

A company home-grown in Australia with customers worldwide, Abuzz designs and manufactures modern digital kiosks for information access by the public or exclusive services offered to customers by companies. The kiosks are content-intensive with the cutting-edge digital interactive solutions developed by Abuzz. Private and public sectors utilise the kiosks as a medium for real-time information access as well as a modernised tool to bring refreshing service experience tailor-made for customers.

Abuzz is an Australia-based company with brilliant expertise in providing contemporary kiosks embedded with innovative interactive digital solutions. The kiosks, widely installed by customers of various industries worldwide, provide either exclusively customised service complying fully with customer requirements or versatile functions to offer upgraded general services for customers. Abuzz requires a capable networking system with not only uncompromising performance but also robustness and expandability. ZyXEL is one of the  industry’s leading providers offering advanced IP-based networking products and solutions. The MSAN (Multi-Service Access Node) bundled with ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) line cards were deployed to support Abuzz in accomplishing the high-performingnetwork connection. Empowered by the leading-edge data communication technology, digital contents in data and video formats can be transmitted among central servers and kiosks in real-time with extreme efficiency.

Modern digitalised applications and media services require contents in formats of ever-growing sophistications – not only data but also high-definition audio and video streams. With quality-assurance criteria such as latency-proof and content intactness, the development causes conventional copper wires used in network infrastructures to lose grounds to efficiently managed high-speed, high-density transmission over the Internet protocol. Businesses are also keen to network manageability and expandability in view of cost and operating efficiency in both investment and resource management. IT professionals nowadays face challenges from the progressing technologies and interoperability among systems and devices. Network sometimes becomes setback if expandability is difficult to implement when business and demand ascends; and network security still stays on top of the agenda in the Internet world.

Solution and Benefits
The ZyXEL IES-1000 system, in the bundling pack of IP-based MSANs and inserted ADSL line cards, was deployed  to deliver comprehensive content streaming to digital kiosks. The system’s functional flexibility with various ports for extensive connections  is set to empower ADSL2+, G.SHDSL and VoIP services while the system capacity can be dynamically configured in compliance with  differentiated customer demands and projection of future expansions. Customers can  be benefited with effective manageability in light of investment and resource allocation over the network system along with expansion of operations. The swappable design of line cards allows customers to replace only failed or outdated line cards instead of purchasing a whole new device.
The feature-rich system provides the optimal QoS (Quality of Service). The IEEE 802.1 p/q/x-standard-compliant features allow packet prioritisation for efficient trafficking, VLAN tagging and multicasting enable seamless broadcast as well as authentication and filtering for security. The authentication and filtering specifically protect customers from unauthorised or unwanted access to the system to avoid infringement.
The advanced Windows-based remote management capability also  allows Abuzz to manage IT supports more effectively and efficiently for configuration and ongoing maintenance.

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