New Turkish Hotel Launches with State-of-the-Art ZyXEL Network Solution

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When the 5-star Royal Taj Mahal hotel prepared to launch on June 15, 2015 in Evrenseki, Antalya, it chose ZyXEL to cater to its specific network infrastructure needs. ZyXEL, a global leader in connectivity solutions and technology had the plan, people, and products necessary to transform the Royal Taj Mahal Hotel into another satisfied IT customer. In less than a week, ZyXEL had successfully completed the Royal Taj Mahal Hotel’s entire wired and wireless network access infrastructure in accordance with the demands of the business and its clientele. Thanks to this project, the Royal Taj Mahal Hotel is now able to provide excellent wired and wireless services to its guests, complementing their overall luxury experience and ensuring complete satisfaction.

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