Tusan Beach Hotel Offers High-Speed Internet Access to Its Customers via ZyXEL’s Professional Solutions

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The five-star Tusan Beach Hotel follows a philosophy of providing its guests with highest level of quality, comfort, and services. That includes high-speed Internet connectivity. Recently, resort needed a way to improve its wireless Internet service throughout its facilities while minimizing the economic and logistical impact of such a project. ZyXEL stepped in with a solution that offered guests high-speed, uninterrupted, and secure Internet access utilizing the resort’s existing phone lines as the primary network backbone. Because the hotel did not require deployment of new cabling, it saved money and avoided disrupting guests with complex renovations.

"Services that have been considered as luxury in the hospitality industry so far have become compulsory. It is our priority for our guests to have fast and uninterrupted Internet connection in their rooms. When service has previously been provided from central areas, it could cause slow connections in some rooms. Now, we can offer Internet connections in all rooms with the same quality and speed. With this investment, we can provide a service suitable to our customers' needs. Also, it is a great advantage to be able to use our existing network infrastructure. Thus, infrastructure work was completed quickly and we could continue to provide service to our guests.”

Emre Hurda
General Manager, Tusan Beach Hotel

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