Inselmühle Hotel

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Inselmühle, 4 star family and business hotel, choses MNG Networks and the ZyXEL WLAN solutions to offer its guest complete WLAN coverage throughout the hotel.

Inselmuhle, 4 star family and business hotel, choses MNG Networks and the ZyXEL WLAN solutions to offer its guest complete WLAN coverage throughout the hotel.

Initial Situation
At the point when the contract with the existing service provider was coming to a close, the hotel took the opportunity to search for a new solution. A major priority being that the hotel could offer its guest complete WLAN coverage throughout the hotel. User-friendliness and the hotel's desire to be free from longstanding contracts were at the top of the priority list.

"Hotel Inselmuhle" is a special challenge in itself. The building is from the 15th century and, as the German name "Muhle" says, it was used as a mill, in this case a water mill. The walls of the building are up to 1.8 metres thick, quite an obstacle for any type of network – let alone wireless LAN solution. 

MNG Networks: Just-in-time e-mail
MNG Networks were right on time with an offer via e-mail which they made in February 2008, addressing hotels with state of the art WLAN solutions. The system integrator MNG Networks which is located just a few kilometres from the hotel in Munchen was invited to take part in the pitch as one of three competitors.

MNG Networks came out winners – winning over the strong competition with their planned network. They had to invest three days for the site survey and measuring WLAN power, even though at that stage it wasn't clear if MNG would be commissioned with the installation. "However, that's business risk and we were willing to invest that time for his project," says Roland Zitzelsberger, Managing Director of MNG Networks. "We knew that our close proximity to the hotel and being local and personally available to react in case any support issues or service were necessary - put us ahead of our competitors. Also the fact that we cut out the technical talk and communicate with our customers on just the right level, that's a strength of ours too. On top of that though," Zitzelsberger goes on to explain: "we really had a hardware joker up our sleeve which cannot be equalled in the market today. For over two years we've been working with ZyXEL. Thanks to the great diversity of the ZyXEL product range we can offer solutions from the IP DSLAM backbone via ZyWALL firewalls right down to access points and receipt printers from one manufacturer. ZyXEL's price/performance ratio has put us in a position to provide this network infrastructure at an incomparably low-price. "

MNG Networks implemented following ZyXEL products in the "Hotel Inselmuhle's network infrastructure: 1 x ZyXEL IES-1000M AC IP DSLAM, 1 ZyXEL AAM1212-51 IP DSLAM Modul, 1 ZyXEL Telcokabel, 1 ZyXEL G-4100v2, 1 ZyXEL ZyWALL 2 Plus, 2 ZyXEL P-793H, 12 ZyXEL P-660HW-D1. And MNG Networks managed to complete the installation without using one metre of additional cable.

Mrs. Hildegard Haist, Reception Manageress of the Inselmuhle was amazed by the speed with which the installation was completed and is now really happy about the new convenience it offers. "Thanks to the ZyXEL G4100v2 and its receipt printer, we can now offer this wireless internet service to all our guests and the handling is so simple. Now we can print passwords and user names at the push of a button. In the past we more or less had to get the user data out of the system manually. That meant going down to the basement to the server. And you almost had to be a programmer yourself to understand how to do it. It was really troublesome, inefficient and time-consuming."

Another positive factor is the carefree maintenance. That is a plus point which all the hotel staff and especially the caretaker have experienced. In the past the internet plug sockets often got damaged. The wall sockets were often not in an optimal position in the room for the quests to access due to the necessity of being close to the telephone socket. That resulted in pulls and tugs and lose connectors. In addition to that the Inselmuhle regularly had to call the Telekom, which meant waiting periods and service hotlines. Now the "housekeeper" is responsible for the maintenance. On a morning, she just needs to check if the LED lights are lit on the ZyXEL IP DSLAM and can check if all rooms are connected to the internet and online. This is very convenient for the hotel masters or head of the hotel.

To comply to the data retention law which has came into force in Germany in January 2008, MNG Networks installed a comfortable solution within the network. A separate PC which has the dedicated task of storing this necessary data runs completely automatically. That's another headache less for the hotel staff, as up to then the storage of data was only manually possible.
Mrs. Hildegard Haist comments : "MNG Networks' solution with ZyXEL has really made our hotel life easier!"

ZyXEL Hospitality Campaign
Roland Zitelsberger, comments on how he has welcomed the ZyXEL hospitality campaign: "MNG Networks has been targeting this type of customer over quite a long time. We really greet the fact that ZyXEL has grasped this potential and is supporting its dealers with the marketing campaign with brochures, leads and technical support. It has encouraged us to further pursue this field of activity."

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