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Energoaqua replaced the inadequate existing connection with ZyXEL newer, faster and better-quality ADSL Internet connection to expand their portfolio of services for corporate and private clients.

Energoaqua replaced the inadequate existing connection with ZyXEL newer, faster and better-quality ADSL Internet connection to expand their portfolio of services for corporate and private clients.

"We were attracted to the solution offered by SYNERGY, based on ZyXEL products, because of its complexity and its excellent price-to-performance ratio," --Ing. Zdenek Lostak, Energoaqua, a.s


The Challenge
The goal was to replace the inadequate existing connection with a newer, faster and better-quality ADSL connection, thereby expanding Energoaqua's portfolio of services for corporate and private clients.

ADSL technology enables Internet access via existing telephone networks. In order to offer ADSL, access points(DSLAMs) must first be installed in local telephone switchboards. The "DSLAMization" of Czech telephone switchboards by Czech Telecom began three years ago. It began offering ADSL on a commercial basis after numerous delays. At first, it offered download speeds of up to 192 kb/s, which was nearly four times faster than dial-up and cost more than 1000 CZK.

An alternative to ADSL Internet connections via Cesky Telecom is accessible via alternative operators that use so-called local loops (LLU – Local Loop Unbundling), i.e. the use of one's own telephone network, as in the case of Energoaqua.

Energoaqua turned to SYNERGY, with which it has a long-standing working relationship in the area of active LAN elements and structuring cabling systems (metallic and optical), and which is also a partner company of ZyXEL, the world's largest supplier of DSL routers, as well as a specialized firm in the area of broadband Internet access. Together, they chose the solution for connecting the specified location to the core network with the help of an ZyXEL IES 2500 IP DSLAM, which best met all requirements, and, according to Energoaqua's management, offered the best performance at a reasonable price.

IP DSLAM exceeds traditional technology in many ways, including increased effectiveness, higher speeds, and greater ease of administration. IP DSLAM technology, for example, reduces the complexity of data format conversion, solves traffic congestion problems with high-speed, non-blocking Ethernet switching technology, and provides a good mechanism for video multicasting applications, such as IGMP snooping. By eliminating protocol transformations over the access network, telecommunications operators have an alternative method to deploy a more cost-effective Ethernet infrastructure from metropolitan to core networks.

In the pilot stage, 24 households and companies were connected, with the option to easily expand the number of customers in the future. The final price was under 200,000 CZK, including the ZyXEL IES 2500 IP DSLAM and small end-user ADSL equipment. Implementation took two days, including installation.

Simple Administration
All ZyXEL modular IP DSLAMs utilize MSC1000A (management and switching cards) for uplink and subtending purposes. MSC1000A includes four gigabit Ethernet interfaces for deployment in a ring or tree topology. ZyXEL provides a wide range of copper or optic transceivers on the uplink and subtending interfaces for applications of various distances and types of media. A big advantage of this solution is distinct cabling for DSLAM and splitter chassis based on Telco connectors.

Complete Range for DSL Services
All IP Express models offer G.SHDSL and ADSL/ADSL2+ technologies in "last mile" applications. Speeds range from 128 Kbps up to 24 Mbps and loop-reach travels of up to 6 kmps. Broadband services can be offered using existing copper wire infrastructures, which generates additional revenue with minimal installation time and expense.

VLAN Offers Security and Segmented Class of Service
IP Express uses VLAN (Virtual LAN) to segment the class of services provided by service providers. Each permanent virtual circuit transformed to and from an ATM-based CPE can be configured and mapped to an assigned VLAN with different packet priorities. Service providers can then differentiate the class of services for Internet, VoIP, and video broadcasting. By using VLAN, IP Express also enables
service providers to provide business-to-business Intranet with network privacy and security. End-to-End management minimizes the operation cost. In addition to basic configuration, fault, security, and performance management, the NetAtlas EMS management device also provides powerful and advanced remote management capabilities that help service providers minimize daily operational costs. The loop-back design helps isolate network problems, while new firmware and IP Express configuration allow for remote changes, eliminating the need for "truck rolls" to provision new customers or reconfigure services for existing customers.

Key Benefits
"Quality combined with reliability and, above all, perfect technical support on the part of the manufacturer were the main reasons we offered our clients solutions based on ZyXEL products." -- Ing. Michal Vaculik, SYNERGY spol. s r.o.
1. Clients can access the Internet in combination with voice calls and other services
2. Guaranteed reliable and secure operation
3. Complete solution from one manufacturer -- ZyXEL -- including a wide variety of terminals
4. Ease of expanding the number of users and the ability to combine various xDSL technologies
5. Advantageous price
6. Graphical management via Web browser or SNMP
7. Time savings for the administrator
8. Distinct cabling using Telco connectors

ZyXEL Product Used
1. ZyXEL IES-2500
2. ZyXEL P-660R

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