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The World Economic Forum (WEF) deployed ZyXEL components to ensure a smooth communication


The hotel Steigenberger Belvedere itself represented a great challenge, as parts of the existing infrastructure and connections in the hotel were very old and we first of all had to analyse the existing wiring in each room to determine what kind of infrastructure could be realised. That was an extremely time-consuming process. Furthermore, we had to install and configure about two tons of equipments in a very short time and at the right place. During the WEF, we provided technical support via a hotline.


Maximum Connectivity
During the WEF, which takes place in Davos every year at the end of January, the hotel Steigenberger Belvedere is a hive of activity. Located in the Swiss mountains, the hotel accommodates political and business leaders but is also a place for important meetings and conferences. Given these circumstances, it is no surprise that the existing hotel IT infrastructure cannot cope with the extreme requirements during the WEF. In order to enable international representatives to work and communicate effectively, CREATRONIC Media Supply set up a highly complex temporary network solution. Besides installing print and copy equipment, they established a network with wireless or cabled Internet access and VoIP.

Business versus Romance
After the intervention of the local ZyXEL Partner, about 40 of the 130 romantic hotel rooms looked more like business headquarters. Google simply booked the whole hotel SPA area, turning it into an event location. Some rooms already had Ethernet wiring, others were connected via an in-house ADSL connexion through a ZyXEL DSLAM-IES-1000. In addition, every office was equipped with a high-performance wireless connexion and VoIP via ZyXEL P2612HW routers.

Andre Weigold, CEO of CREATRONIC Media Supply, told us more about his project.

For us, ZyXEL has been for many years a manufacturer who really deserves to be taken into consideration when we are planning such an important project. ZyXEL products are good quality and provide an excellent price/performance ratio. On top of that, we know that with the ZyXEL team we always have someone at our side if ever something does not work as it should.

I have to say that at the very beginning, the chassis switch of another well-known provider was actually taken into consideration as well. However, in the end, the choice was quite obvious: the configuration of the ZyXEL product was much easier and, as I have said before, ZyXEL offered a better price/performance ratio.

About WEF

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, is one of the most important international gatherings where political authorities and business leaders meet to discuss questions of international importance.

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