The Right Solutions for DNS:NET

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DNS:NET implements ZyXEL FTTB solutions


DNS:NET was looking for an innovative solution from an experienced and reliable partner whose solutions not only had been successfully field-tested several times over. The partner must also be able to vouch for the compatibility of different end products from different manufacturers.


Not only were ZyXEL‘s VDSL switches, the pizza boxes which have both VDSL2 and ADSL2+ connections with AnnexM for onnecting to the distribution switchboard of the Telekom, but also numerous FTTB solutions with aggregate switches were used in the projects. ZyXEL IP DSLAMs and the corresponding line cards were installed in the former Olympic Village in Berlin and also for the first time in Michendorf near Berlin where a main cable of the Telekom with 600DA cut and re-routed into an air-conditioned cabinet. Thanks to these successful projects and installations DNS:NET has managed to establish itself extremely well and has actively used the susidies provided by the German government for the elimination of “white spots“, here for example with support from the local government who provided free of charge directional radio

What the client says

"In ZyXEL we have a very successful and experienced partner for our projects with whom we can also develop and realize innovative solutions. We were convinced by the professional project support both in pre- and in post-sales. ZyXEL takes customer care very seriously and has enabled us to take other aspects of projects into account and also put these into practice. In addition to this the Metro Ethernet switches are extremely reliable and very competitive in terms of price. We plan to undertake about 50 further projects with ZyXEL this year."
Volker Rau, Technical Director,
DNS:NET, Berlin, Germany


DNS:NET is a B2B city carrier and a medium-sized telecommunication company based in Berlin with the focus on Berlin and Brandenburg. Since 2007 the company has been investing in its own network with the aim of realizing broadband access via its own switching system and in doing so become a realistic alternative to the large providers.  DNS:NET has already achieved this in Brandenburg, where the city carrier provides some areas with a combination of directional radio and glass fiber resulting in broadband access with up to 50 megabits (Mbits)


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