Hankook Tire - Nonstop Wireless Access

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Hankook Tire - Nonstop Wireless Access in the company's own hostel for operation purposes and residential use



The Hankook's apartment provides an excellent and comfortable accommodation for 500 workers of the factory. The fast growing company decided in 2010 to build a modern facility of a high standard, which does not only provide a place to sleep, but sporting and recreational possibilities to the employees. The Hankook House - as they call it - is located 800m far from the factory, and even the factory's furthest point can be reached within 15 minutes by walking. The hostel area has a total of 11 439 m2, and 254 apartment houses were created on 4 floors. Residents also have free internet access in the whole building.

At the start of the project, ZyXEL's partner, G4S Biztonságtechnikai Zrt. found USG200 to be an ideal solution for all the challenges, but during the first deployments it came up, that its capacity was not enough for the expected performance. The residents in the hostel have an average age between 20-30, and proved to be very active internet users. To ensure the maximum utilization, the system integrator decided to use USG 1000 instead of USG 200.

With the latest technology solution users can now easily access the online resources, and besides the
system contributes the reliable operation of the hostel.

Hankook's management set basic criteria to have the best price-performance rate, so they insisted to maintain quality, while staying within the given budget limits. Thus how ZyXEL devices were chosen for this project, because they fully met the requirements. The switches were placed into two rack cabins on both sides of the building. The Layer 2+ switches control the video surveillance system which includes 116 cameras. These switches are also responsible for reliable Internet connection. The main network is based on XGS switches, and an USG 1000 controls the traffic through them. As a result of installation, ZyXEL devices ensure the smooth and secured internet & wifi connection in each room of the building. Moreover, altogether 6 subsystems were created, which are bounded to one IP network and run separately.

Hankook Tire
Hankook Tire produces innovative and high quality radial tires for cars, jeeps, SUVs, lorries, busses and for the motor sport. 5% of the company's annual revenue is invested to R&D. It is present on the market in more than 180 countries and has over 14 000 employees worldwide. Hankook had chosen Hungary to place and build its factory in Europe. With an investment of 550 million Euros they succeeded to set up one of the most modern tire factory in a small Hungarian city, Rácalmás. The plant started to operate in June 2007 and produces over 17 000 tires per day approximately in 300 different sizes. The products manufactured in Rácalmás mostly serve the European market and easily meet the requirements and needs of leading automobile manufacturer companies. The Hungarian factory is a direct supplier of Volkswagen's and Hyundai's European plants for example. In the second half of 2011 the number of employees increased by 200 to 1900 and the total capacity enables the production of more than 10 million tires per year.

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