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Configuration Service

Technical Configuration and Site-Survey Assistance brought to you by Zyxel

Config Services

Technical configuration services in eight different flavours

WiFi Coverage Study

Site-Survey assistance

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With Zyxel Configuration Services, you won't be let down by your networking devices anymore - purchasing one of our Configuration Services means a full-fledged service and concentrated commitment of one our technical experts of our support team, which will assist configuring your Zyxel networking assets by both phone-call and remote connection via TeamViewer. Our Configuration Services are the perfect choice if you do not have the time, knowledge or resources needed to have your system set up on your own. So don't hesitate to make use of this great opportunity - we also work on bigger networking set-ups, and no challenge is big enough to not be considered by our Configuration services! 

With Zyxel Site-Survey Services, we give you the required assistance in WiFi planning, choosing the right WiFi Access Point for your needs, and more. The possibilities of our Site-Survey Service range from planning and creating a signal heatmap for your premise, up to even visiting you on-site to do a check of your WiFi-Network via live-survey!

So what are you waiting for? View the service list shown below for more detailed information.

The following services are available:

Zyxel ConfigService Hotspot
Setup of one Firewall-Module "Hotspot", including setup of Hotspot-Management for a WiFi-network

Zyxel ConfigService Wireless Controller
Setup of one WiFi-Controller (NXC or USG), including Multi-SSID, VLAN and Authentication

Zyxel ConfigService DSLAM
Setup of one Zyxel-DSLAM for "Hospitality" with one xDSL-profile and basic port-configuration

Zyxel ConfigService Firewall
Setup of a firewall with Single- or Dual-WAN, LAN, Port-Forwardings (max. 5) and system default values

Zyxel ConfigService Premium (Hotspot, VPN, UTM, Controller)
Setup of a Zyxel product with a combination of different features from our basic Zyxel ConfigService

Zyxel ConfigService Switch
Setup of one Zyxel Switch with up to 5 VLAN & PoE

Zyxel ConfigService Wireless AP
Setup of one Access Point (Standalone Mode) with SSID, Multi SSID (max. 2) and VLAN Setup

Zyxel ConfigService VPN
Setup of one VPN-Tunnel (static or dynamic) Site-to-Site or one Client-to-Site

WiFi Site Survey - WiFi coverage study on plan and audit on site
Entrust the study of your WiFi installations to our experts


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Terms & Conditions

  • Configuration voucher codes are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase onward (expires after 6 months of non-usage)

  • We offer our Configuration Support Services in the following languages:

    • English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian

  • If an appointment has been agreed on, and we cannot reach you within 30 minutes after the anticipated appointment, then a reschedule has to be aligned with our staff - please note, that this might in turn mean, that desired deadlines from your part might not be able to be fulfilled due to other occupations of technical staff.
  • In case unexpected issues with the configuration or minor changes are needed, you may contact us up to 6 months after the configuration appointment has been taken and the desired configuration processed in order to re-run a minor configuration session. Please note, that this needs individual evaluation for each single incident. We reserve the right, based on the efforts to be taken to accommodate your request, to either accept or deny your inquiry and channel it to respective workflows (e.g. normal suppport case, escalation to R&D etc.)