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Secure WiFi

Secure WiFi

Secure WiFi

Enforcing Best Practice
Security for Work-From-Home

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Same Security Across Networks

Businesses striking a balance on productivity and security protection becomes a priority with growing number of devices. Whether it is a wired, wireless, or a IoT device, the Secure WiFi service ensures the same network controls which can be applied to headquarters and other remote workplaces. Easily and securely extend working experience as if you were in the office with the adoption of secure tunneling and strict two-factor authentication.

A Safer Tunnel Protection

"Giving great convenience and improving the connection security

WPA2 Enterprise can authenticate remotely connected devices or individuals and has a very rigorous and safe authentication method, which is not easy to be broken by malicious users. Supports dynamic VLAN giving users great convenience and greatly improved security.

A Safer Tunnel Protection
"Massively escalating the remote account security

In order to keep the user accounts and data from all kinds of cyberattacks, 2FA is the extra layer of security with low or no additional cost. That helps increase productivity by letting users safely use personal devices to login to the private network.

A Safer Tunnel Protection

Work Like You’re at the Office

Secure Tunnel (L2) allows you to have the same VLAN in multiple remote locations, get connected to the headquarters from home. It extends the workplace desk experience anytime and anywhere. Laptops and VoIP phones work just like they do at the office.

Simplify the User Experience

To streamline the user experience, Secure WiFi collaborates between the remote access points and headquarter gateway by eliminating repetitive 2FA logins, which substantially helps IT securely and easily extend the corporate enterprise network without hassle

Simplify the User Experience

Leveling up the Productivity

By eliminating unwanted broadcast storms, we help businesses optimize bandwidth usage, resulting increased productivity and workflow.

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