BE11000 WiFi 7 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Access Point


Unleashing WiFi 7 Power for Modern Workplace

Designed specifically for the modern workplace, the NWA130BE is equipped with a Qualcomm quad-core CPU, ensuring blazingly fast WiFi 7 speeds of up to 11Gbps and a notable boost in capacity.

Coupled with Zyxel Nebula’s extensive suite of management and security innovations, it guarantees robust connectivity and reliability for enterprise-grade demands for today’s modern workplace.

BE11000 (2x2 in 2.4, 5, and 6Ghz) tri-radio access point provides blazingly fast WiFi 7 speeds up to 11Gbps and lower latency for real-time responsiveness.

Nebula, The Intelligent Cloud Management

Nebula offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, including real-time notifications for critical events via the mobile app. With Nebula, you can enjoy a streamlined experience for network installation and management, without the need for an additional cost for software or hardware controllers.

Stronger and Smarter WiFi Security

A range of WiFi Cybersecurity features:

Work together to create a robust and protected environment for your network, offering peace of mind and maintaining the integrity of your data and systems.

Network Clarity When You Need It Most

Nebula enables automated wireless network management and optimization through features such as WiFi Aid and Wireless health, ensuring the best possible WiFi user experience.

These unique features enhance the performance and reliability of your network, ultimately delivering an exceptional WiFi experience.

Manage it your way!

The NW130BE with NebulaFlex offers the flexible manageability for you to freely choose between the device’s local web interface or onboarding to our super easy Nebula cloud management interface that you never need to worry about forgetting the IP address or lost account or password whatsover.

Anytime, Anywhere with
Nebula Mobile App

  • Easy device onboarding with QR code scan & installation wizard
  • Network and device status at a glance
  • WiFi sharing via QR code or mobile messaging apps
  • Network client access control
  • Live troubleshooting tools
  • Push notifications for abnormal network events

Just Connect with Nebula

Resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and network Administrators will find Simplicity, Scalability, Flexibility, reduced IT risk and reduced costs through Zyxel’s Cloud Networking Management platform, Nebula a single-vendor approach.

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Ready to Boost Network Speeds Up to 2.5x

Paired with Zyxel NWA130BE WiFi 7 AP, the XMG1915-10EP/18EP switch is the perfect choice for upgrading your SB/SMB network’s speed and performance, offering up to 2.5 times faster speeds than today’s Gigabit networks.

With this switch, it’s a breeze to boost your network speed using your existing wiring infrastructure without costly and disruptive cable upgrades.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.