BE22000 WiFi 7 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point


Enterprise-grade WiFi 7

With its revolutionary technology breakthroughs, WiFi 7 (802.11be) will be the fastest WiFi ever, unleashing unprecedented speeds to provide more enjoyable online experiences in the digital world.

Featuring the Qualcomm quad-core CPU and a solid, durable hardware build, the WBE660S delivers lightning-fast WiFi 7 speeds of up to 22 Gbps and significantly increased capacity. Paired with Zyxel Nebula’s comprehensive range of management and security advancements, it ensures high reliability for demanding enterprise-grade connectivity.

The tri-radio (4x4 in 2.4Ghz, 4x4 in 5Ghz, 4x4 in 6Ghz) WiFi 7 (802.11be) access point provides lightning-fast speeds up to 22Gbps and lower latency for real-time responsiveness.

The SMART Solution

The WBE660S is equipped with the Zyxel Smart Antenna, which constantly monitors and adjusts connections for each device, ensuring consistent optimal performance. This technology prevents connection inconsistencies and delays caused by interferences.

Durable Hardware Design Built for Longevity

Each hardware design element plays a crucial role in ensuring performance and reliability. The WBE660S access point incorporates carefully chosen high-quality components to ensure an exceptional experience and extended lifespan.

Nebula, The Intelligent Cloud Management

Nebula offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, including real-time notifications for critical events via the mobile app. With Nebula, you can enjoy a streamlined experience for network installation and management, without the need for an additional cost for software or hardware controllers.

Automated WLAN Management & Optimization

With features like WiFi Aid and Wireless health, Nebula enables automated wireless network management and optimization, ensuring the best possible WiFi user experience.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

A range of security add-on features like CDR, Secure WiFi, CNP, DPPSK, and advanced authentication methods work together to create a robust and protected environment for your network.

Power. Secure. Wireless.

Amidst the surging demands for bandwidth, WiFi 7, the next-generation of WiFi technology, emerges as the solution. Designed with the durable hardware and fortified cybersecurity features, the WBE660S access point empowers users to harness the utmost potential of the novel WiFi 7 advancements, delivering lightning-fast speeds while also offering enhanced protection against escalating cyber attacks and risks.

The WBE660S stands out as an ideal solution for:

High-density locations

Including office spaces, schools, and public transportation hubs, benefit from this solution to

  • Alleviate WiFi overcrowding
  • Reduce congestion
  • Provide cyber security

High-bandwidth applications

Such as video streaming and broadcasting, online gaming, and VR/AR, gain advantages to

  • Deliver incredible speeds
  • Devoid of any latency
  • Enhance the user experience

Wired connection replacement

Such as all-wireless offices, IoT, and retail/industrial scenarios, presents a viable alternative to wired Ethernet networks for

  • Faster network deployment
  • No cables to save costs and reduce carbon footprints
  • Provide mobility to network users

Manage it your way!

The WBE660S comes with the support of NebulaFlex Pro, which offers the full flexibility for users to easily switch between Zyxel Nebula cloud-managed, controller-managed, and standalone modes. You can choose the appropriate managed-mode best suited your needs.

Anytime, Anywhere with
Nebula Mobile App

  • Easy device onboarding with QR code scan & installation wizard
  • Network and device status at a glance
  • WiFi sharing via QR code or mobile messaging apps
  • Network client access control
  • Live troubleshooting tools
  • Push notifications for abnormal network events

Just Connect with Nebula

Resellers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and network Administrators will find Simplicity, Scalability, Flexibility, reduced IT risk and reduced costs through Zyxel’s Cloud Networking Management platform, Nebula a single-vendor approach.

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True 10GbE Backbone for WBE660S

The backbone of WiFi 7 is essential for providing the required high-speed and high-power connectivity. The Multi-Gigabit PoE switch XS1930-12HP provides 10GbE connection to WBE660S WiFi 7 access point. It supports the PoE standard IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) and provides up to 60W of port power for WiFi 7 APs. With a generous power budget of up to 375W, XS1930-12HP can accommodate up to 8 WiFi 7 APs with ease.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.