ZYXEL Nebula
ZYXEL Nebula

Your Cloud. Your Business.

As cloud adoption is on the rise the question to ask is - does your business need to be in the cloud?

Here’s some reasons why...


More than 60% of enterprises
expect that at least half of their
infrastructure will be cloud-based.

Wireless devices will account for
61% of network traffic.

Managed services opportunity
will be worth $256 billion.

The cloud-managed WLAN infrastructure
market has grown by 38.8% since 2013

(Compared to only 11% for the WLAN infrastructure market
at large)


Cloud computing 'as a service' has more
than doubled in value since 2016 to $44bn

Penetration of SaaS versus traditional
software deployment will be over 25%

The need for speed is vital and cloud adoption will drive better business outcomes - faster.

IT efficiencies - Increase with cloud

By adopting the cloud you can centralise your resource to manage your IT services increasing your efficiency and reducing your costs.

Average % change that could be
expected for a business

Why Cloud Managed Networking?

Network engineers adopted cloud managed networking for the following reasons:


Be successful and migrate to the cloud

Manage your networks through a single centralised
platform supported by 99.9% uptime.

Nebula will grow alongside your business with a SAAS model and use zero-touch deployment and provisioning to get up and running.

Ready to rise? Your Cloud. Your Business.