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Simple, Secure Access Anywhere

Businesses from small to large all need to get ready for the growing demands of an increasingly mobile workforce and expanding distributed work sites, to compete in today’s global market place. Secure remote access has become an imperative to business success.

Zyxel VPN Clients provide a flexible, easy-to-use, easy-to-manage Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for mobile and distributed users, thereby enabling secure and reliable remote access back to corporate resources. Zyxel offers both SSL VPN and IPSec VPN connectivity options for remote client-to-site access. Customers who wish to use SSL VPN should select Zyxel SecuExtender which provides auto-client connectivity with Windows and easy client connectivity with Mac systems. Customers who wish to use IPSec VPN should select Zyxel IPSec VPN client which provides a fast 3-step connection wizard for an improved user experience so that IPSec VPN is no longer a daunting task.

Zyxel VPN Client works with Zyxel security appliances using powerful deep packet inspection technology to scan VPN traffic for malicious threats, worms, Trojans and spyware from remote company employees.

Software Download

 SecuExtender SSL VPN Client
 IPSec VPN Client

What is the difference between IPsec and SSL VPNs?

Which option is best for your business or customer's application when choosing between IPsec and SSL VPN? Here are some quick points to help you decide.




  • Most secure option, making it harder for hackers to get into your system with its encryption
  • Fastest throughput option, ideal for large file shares 
  • Can be configured to access network as full members of the network 
  • Can control access all resources 
  • Can build secure connectivity from site to site, office to office with a single VPN tunnel


  • Requires an IPsec client software on each of the devices or hardware that supports IPsec VPN at the endpoint (Zyxel SecuExtender)
  • More complicated to set up for end user and for branch office (Zyxel VPN wizard will help) 
  • Need understanding of network in order to block resources you don't want people to have remote access to




  • Support Included in all Zyxel firewall devices
  • Already supported by most remote user browsers (Windows) with a free extension client (SecuExtender). MacOS SecuExtender client can be purchased. 
  • Simple to configure as it's equivalent to logging into a secure website for web-based applications like email, cloud storage 
  • Can easily control what applications are accessible via SSL which can make it more secure


  • Dependent on the client device and thus throughput can be low 
  • Limited to access specific applications (Unless put in full tunnel mode) 
  • Cannot do site to site, office to office tunnels


Application Diagram

VPN Application

  • Branch offices, partners and home users can deploy Zyxel USGs for site-to-site IPSec VPN connections
  • Branch offices can additionally deploy IPSec VPN HA (load balancing and failover) for always online VPN connectivity
  • Remote users can securely access company resources with their computers or smartphones via SSL,IPSec and L2TP over IPSec VPN
  • The headquarter USG can also establish an IPSec VPN connection with Microsoft Azure for secured access to a variety of cloud-based applications

* License subscription fee and permits may vary by country.

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