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Nebula Cloud Networking

Effectively Manage All of Your Customers’ Networks with Nebula Cloud Managed Access Points, Switches and Security Gateways

Improve performance while saving time and cost

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  • Case Study: Tachi Palace Casino
  • Case Study: Diamond Physicians
  • Case Study: Springbrook Assisted Living

'Zero touch' - Efficient Deployment

Simply scan the QR Code on each Nebula device or on the outer carton before on-site deployment.

After being registered to a network, Nebula devices are automatically discovered when they’re connected.

Preconfigured settings are automatically applied.

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Real Time Updates

Network topology is automatically drawn and updated each time a new device is added to the network.

Software updates to the cloud management console and networking devices are automatically applied.

Intuitive Management Console

An intuitive cloud interface provides site-wide visibility and control that enables administrators to:

  • Configure devices
  • Manage event logs
  • Monitor traffic statistics
  • Monitor bandwidth consumption
  • Monitor networked clients
  • Monitor application usage

All without physical access to individual network devices.

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Holistic Management

One Network Management System for all of your customers and their networking devices.

All Nebula devices: access points, switches and gateways, are managed through the cloud using an intuitive interface that allows network managers to control all distributed network devices from a single screen.

Every feature and every setting is accessed through the Nebula cloud interface. There is no need to be local to access special advanced settings.

Increased Network Uptime

Zyxel Nebula provides a stable network environment by incorporating a mechanism that detects and prevents configuration that could potentially cause network disconnection between the device and Nebula Control Center.

The network keeps running even if the internet connection goes down.

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Nebula Cloud: Improve Performance While Saving Time and Cost

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Superb User Experience

Comprehensive features such as Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS), Load Balancing and Smart Client Steering provide more stable, reliable and faster connections for the best user experience.

10 Page Starter Guide to Becoming an MSP by Karl Palachuk

Success Stories

Kehr Technologies, Inc. - Plano, Texas

Nebula Delivers Complete High-Performance, Secure, Cloud-Managed Network Infrastructure.

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DigitalBay LLC - Onalaska, Wisconsin

Affordable, Reliable, Centrally Managed HighPerformance WiFi Solution

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Hospitality MSP standardises Zyxel Nebula to centrally manage high-performance property - wide network infrastructures.

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