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Network Perimeters Need Extra Layer of Protection

As the workplaces flexibility has given us to connect, share and collaborate from anywhere with more roaming users connected to branch offices and cloud apps. Securing your business is no longer just about securing the network.

Branch Office

of branch office employees connect directly to the internet*1


Mobile workers do not always use VPN when working*2


Organizations will embrace cloud-first principle by 2025*3

More Roaming Users, More Threatening Attacks

As the network is becoming more decentralized, the data from Astra are served from and stored in multiple resources on-premises, in a public or on private cloud. While having access to all these off-network activities, this information and all these service online, the boundaries are much more difficult to define and consequently defend from attacks.

Endpoint Security Best Fit for Your Business

In the age of hybrid work, there are more roaming users and branch staff connected to corporate resources in order to work efficiently. Branch offices are required an effective service to offer secure access to initial resources from any device anywhere.

Borderless Perimeter Security with Astra Service

Astra service is to secure your remote users, roaming everywhere outside existing perimeter. It puts all aspects of security protection back into the hands of the network administrator and allows them to monitor and secure users regardless locations.


Build ability to identify people, device, and applications


Anyone attempting to access a resource must authenticate first with strong authentication method through monitored websites/IPs


Real-time web-browsing detection for what is being identified as malicious


Timely traffic monitoring and 7-day historical data store for admin

Extend Endpoints Protection on All Your Platforms

As IT teams work to align all endpoints under management, it’s critical that their devices provide seamless functionality for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Astra is now supported across all major operating systems including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows to protect your endpoints on all platforms. Help your team achieve both security, simplicity and efficiency without the technical complexities.

Features Portal*6 App macOS Windows
Security Statistics for Threats Detected, Blocked Members and Devices *6 *4 *4
Blocked Events Monitoring & Alerts
Blocked Events Monitoring & Alerts for All Members *6
Member Management to Invite/Create members and Groups *6
Activity Watch for Total Scanned Session and Processed Traffic *5 *5
Content Filter Policy
Threat Map for Security Events
Device Management (Device Model and Status)
License Management for Online Subscription
Application Visibility *7
(Android Only)

  1. *4 Support for Threat Detected only
  2. *5 Support for Scanned Session only
  3. *6 The features are only available for admin role
  4. *7 The feature will be available in July, 2024

Manage Endpoints from One Place

Astra portal is a unified platform to help your IT administrators to easily manage employees' devices. Astra coordinates and prioritizes alert, reports, analysis of abnormal events, provide instant visibility and control with customized security requirements such as policy settings and blocking websites before any data breaches. Activate free trial license before starting, login portal and download the app to enhance your defenses and simplify management.

Intelligence-led Security

See the latest abnormal activities viewed by event or member. Predict and identify which of these suspicious events qualify as malicious attacks. Investigate a threat analysis by going through its detailed graph of real-time web-browsing detection comparing to last 7 day or 24 hours.

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Free Trial, Flexible Plans, Multi-platform Support

Set up and use Astra with ease for enhanced endpoint security against phishing and exploit attacks. Manage mobile device safety without performance sacrifices. Start your free trial and subscribe to monthly or yearly plans for seamless protection, including online/offline purchase, auto-renewal support and compatibility with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

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